We recognize that the purchase of a new home is significant in the lives of each of our valued customers. Because of this. we have developed a process comprised of eleven easy steps -- your path to owning a Baron Home.


1. You Talk. We Listen (and Ask Questions).

Buying a new home should be about you getting what you want. For that to happen you need to tell us what you want. Your ideas. Your colors. Your surfaces. Sometimes we'll ask questions because that's our job. Together we'll create a home that will be uniquely you.

2. We Agree to Begin a Relationship.

At this time, your home site and house plan are confirmed. An earnest money deposit (which is later credited toward your down payment) confirms your home site and house plan, and begins the purchasing process of your new Baron Home.

3. Some Finance... Some Pay Other Ways.

Most of us will desire some form of financing.  Baron Homes has partnered with local banks that offer a complete set of financial services including construction financing.  This is the time to get a bank commitment for financing.

4. Meetings... Final Decisions.

This may just take one meeting or several, but we need to make a number of selections such as flooring, cabinets, counter tops, paint, etc.  To make this easy, Baron Homes has a talented designer on staff available to help with every decision.

5. Final Draft... Off for Permits.

With all the major decisions made, Baron Homes takes the final blueprints and applies for a building permit.  This can take up to a month to marshal through the permitting agency making it a great time to collect our breath.

6. Final Pre-Construction Meeting.

With permits in hand, it's a good time to go over the entire project.  You'll likely have some questions as to what to expect during the construction phase and we'll tell you how we hope to keep you informed throughout this process.

7. Construction Period.

A Baron home will likely take about five months to build.  But sometimes something happens that can delay the progress.  We'll keep you completely informed. It's great to visit the job site but not everyday.  If you have questions, please direct them to the project manager.  

8. Inspections and Occupancy Permit.

A new home today has been inspected frequently.  This generally protects you by insuring that high standards are maintained.  Once the home is complete, one final inspection is made to receive an occupancy permit.

9. Blue Tape Walk Through.

The most important inspection is the one you'll perform.  We give you a roll of blue painters tape and ask you to carefully go through the house leaving tape on areas needing repair or of concern.

10. Final Closing Documents.

The closing agent (usually a title/escrow company) will have prepared all the document necessary for you to take ownership and occupancy of your new home.

11. Move In!

The moment we've all been waiting for.  Move in day.